Saturday, September 29, 2012

Questions regarding the Anti-Cybercrime Law

I just have some questions regarding the Anti-Cybercrime Law, since it's almost October 3. This is not, in any way, a means to be disrespectful to the people who signed it or anything. I just think that the people who wrote it have a lot to explain to the confused public.

Anyway, here are my questions:
  1. Since it's still September, can I still bash people on my (public) Twitter account - and probably my blog - in peace?
  2. If I signed a negative comment I wrote at an amateur blogger's post with "Anonymous", will they actually go through the hassle to find out who I am?
  3. Is it not against the law for other people to access private chat/video chat/direct messages/private messages?
  4. Isn't accessing video chats, even if it'll be used to prove an anomaly, considered as wiretapping and isn't that illegal?
  5. If I use a computer in an internet shop to cyber-bully someone, how will they find/track me?
  6. Will confidential e-mails amongst colleagues remain confidential? What, then, will be the purpose of the inter-office e-mails if people from the outside can access the message database (if that's what it's called)?
  7. If I switch my accounts/blogs to private and bash people there, will they hack their ways into my accounts?
  8. What if I bully someone but not indicate any name in my post, will I go to jail for that?
  9. If I am just stating a fact, a TRUTH, about another person that might trigger a negative response from him/her, will that be grounds for libel? Because if it is, that's probably the reason why the Philippines is still down in the dumps.
  10. If there are a thousand people bashing a single, ordinary person - meaning s/he's not a celebrity, a politician or a business tycoon - all at the same time, will the authorities actually run after them?
  11. How can they track everyone's online activities if they can't even keep a single LTO branch's computer system online for a whole day?
  12. What is taking the RH Bill too long to be passed when the Anti-Cybercrime Law seemed to have breezed it's way into being a, well, law. Clearly, the RH Bill should be a much more important concern for the government than this. I mean, overpopulation and poverty are heavier problems than people who can't take criticism well.

I have more questions and I hope I remember them all soon. Baka makulong ako pag October 3 ko pa maisulat yun.

It would be great, though, if they have an open forum or something that will allow people to ask questions regarding this to the people who wrote the Anti-Cybercrime Law and to those who signed it and hopefully, they revise some of the contents. Matatalino at matatapang na ang mga tao ngayon. Hindi na madadaan sa "Because I said so" ang mga bagay-bagay.

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