Saturday, September 22, 2012

The quote everyone is talking about.

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo's 10th year as the Philippine power loveteam brought about the movie, The Mistress and along with it comes a quote that I have been seeing and hearing everywhere:

Di porket gusto mo, makukuha mo.

The first time you will read or hear it, you'll probably agree with it. For me, though, when I started analyzing it (because I've been seeing and hearing it a lot especially when they were doing their promotional rounds among a lot of ABS-CBN TV shows), I realized that I do not agree with it at all.

I have one simple reason: If you want it THAT much, you'll do ANYTHING to get it and you WILL get it. I know, I know, there will come a point where you realize that it's either (1) not worth it anymore, (2) it's not the right thing to do or (3) it's hurting somebody else but that's exactly my point. You will stop at NOTHING if you really want it. Yes, not even if it's against your ideals. If you're having second thoughts in pursuing it, stopping halfway through pursuing it or hesitating on grabbing the opportunity that's already there, I'm sorry but you don't want it bad enough, no matter what you say.

The excuses that you come up with not attaining a certain goal are the proofs you're looking for that tells you that you do not want something bad enough. When you stop giving excuses, that's when you know you want it for real.

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