Friday, September 7, 2012

Weird fashion trend I do not get.

I am not a fashionable person at all. I wear a pair of shorts, a shirt and a pair of flats all the freakin' time. I can't even wear a dressy blouse on broad daylight because I'd feel overdressed even if I paired it with jeans so I'd totally understand if you bash me for saying the things I will be saying but I would just like to share my observation and hope that someone else shares the same thoughts I have.

(I can't even search the top I will be referring to without Googling it and even my keywords were wrong.)

So apparently, they're called cutout tops, not top cutouts (which is what I Googled).

Anyway, I don't really get cutout tops, especially this kind. The ones that have cutouts at the back, at the sides and even on the upper chest, I get. They make your look sexier or edgier, whatever it is you prefer but these tops that have cutouts on the shoulders? I really don't understand. Is it supposed to help you not get "jabar" when it's too hot during the day?

I know that fashion doesn't need to make sense but I would like to at least understand why it looks that way.


  1. First image: looks like an off-shoulder top, I don't mind.

    Second image: it actually looks good.

    Third image: WTF?

    1. They all look weird to me.

      First image: Why not get an actual off-shoulder top instead?
      Second image: Buy a shirt or a tank top nalang. It will make much more sense.
      Third image: RIGHT?!