Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I don't think you can call it an 'earthquake'...

Just a few minutes ago, the Philippines experienced the weirdest earthquake I can ever hope to experience (Please, Lord, no more earthquakes in my lifetime EVER).

Why weirdest, you ask? Well, I don't think you can call it an earthquake because I don't think the movement of the earth moments ago was side-to-side, like it always does... It jerked! The bed I am lying working on moved like someone nudged it or like some spirit wanted to make his presence felt, horror movie-style and that was it! I didn't even feel dizzy like I normally do during earthquakes and that in itself is reason enough for it to not be called an earthquake.

I may just be freaking myself out. I'm totally paranoid over earthquakes before I had Brianna and now, the paranoia tripled so I don't know. My brain still feels like goo because of the frantic reaction I had a while ago.

I bet this doesn't even make sense...

Edit: It was an Intensity III earthquake, as per Phivolcs announcement via the ABS-CBN News website. As per Twitter, though, it's because people are rising from the dead, just in time for Halloween.

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