Tuesday, October 30, 2012


As I am writing this, the boys of Boys' Night Out is discussing the topic, #DramaLines, and as I've said in Twitter, I have a lot of "bala" for this trending topic because I love hearing and, I admit, throwing these kinds of lines to family, friends, flings, ex-boyfriends and current boyfriends.

My favorite #DramaLines from the movies, though, is this:

So, there. That's the greatest #DramaLines from a movie ever. At least for me... I mean, I haven't watched a whole lot of movies so this does it for me.


  1. "After all this time?"

    I keep wanting to post more drama quotes pero di pala ko masyado nanonood ng drama.

    1. Oo nga. Hahaha! :)) Ako naman hindi talaga mahilig manood ng movies. Some CommArts grad I am...