Monday, October 29, 2012

Cullen It Up this Halloween with Zalora

In line with the Twilight fever that's going to take over the world (AGAIN!) in a few days' time, thanks to the screening of Breaking Dawn part 2, and of course, Halloween, I present to you my Edward Cullen picks from Zalora:

Merger jacket, roundneck shirt, Folded & Hung slacks, H2Ocean closed slip-ons, Gorgeous Cosmetics liquid foundation, La Bella styling gel, Le Posh Blvd. cologne

So, I guess the first four items are self-explanatory. I mean, whether or not you've watched even one Twilight movie, you'd know that Edward almost always look like that in the entirety of the franchise. What I want to focus on are the last three items.

The Gorgeous Cosmetics liquid foundation is for you to look pale, thus giving everyone off the vampire vibe. If you actually look pale then you can do away with this and probably the embarrassment of having to explain to your partner or your mom why you have liquid foundation in your room.

To achieve the Edward Cullen locks, you're gonna have to use a styling gel and this one from La Bella will be perfect for it.

Lastly, the Cullens are known for smelling good (at least for Bella) so this Le Posh Blvd. cologne should be able to help you achieve the vampire scent that draws your very own lamb in.

To finish off your look, grab a pair of orange contact lenses at your friendly neighborhood optical shop and you're all set to sweep girls off their feet in the Halloween party.

Before you go off seducing your next prey, take note that you can get all of these items at a much cheaper price if you use my discount voucher, Aletotski0 [Aletotski(zero)], upon checkout. Now, off you go.

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