Monday, October 22, 2012

I forgot how hot Aaron Samuels is.

I currently have Mean Girls paused on my media player because I just have to remind everyone how gorgeous Jonathan Bennett is in this movie. If I were a tenth grader, I would totally face the wrath of Regina George and do Aaron Samuels in the projection room above the auditorium instead of Shane Oman.

He sorta has this one look on his face in the duration of the film but what the heck, he's so easy on the eyes, I don't even recognize it all that much.

I grabbed this photo from some other person's blog just because I love how his body looks here. He's not too muscular (read: bato-bato) but you know he works out. There's something about his belly button here that I am drawn into but I don't know what exactly engages me to it.

Anyway, downloading Van Wilder: Freshman Year now because I saw this:

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