Sunday, October 21, 2012

That guilty feeling...

I always, always get this guilty feeling whenever I see Facebook photos/conversations of Bry's friends' wives. Looks like they go on weekly dates with each other, probably to catch up and exchange mommy tips.  They seem to be having loads of fun except I don't seem to want to be a part of it. Not that I don't want to share to anyone how my relationship with Brianna is because I will totally bore the wits out of those who will be willing to listen... I just don't see myself actually bonding with them and that makes me guilty... Well, to be perfectly honest, I just feel the guilt when I see Facebook/Instagram photos or when I see them all together.

Is that weird? I mean, I am practically his wife but I don't seem to want to hangout with that particular set of friends of his. Not that I have anything against them; we are actually 'friendly'...they just are friendlier with one another.

(If I was [still] a clingy girlfriend, I would've tried so hard to "belong", though...)

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