Friday, November 23, 2012

Honestly speaking...

I've been really off this week. Nothing major happened with the family and my friends, thank goodness for that, but something inside of me did. I don't know where the self-pity came from but it's back and I can't let it go. I don't have a job, I have a very distant and inattentive boyfriend... I can't even grab a beer/coffee because I'm nanghihinayang of the money I will spend for commuting. All three couldn't crush the spirits of 3-month-ago me even if they came in 10-fold each but now, I don't know what happened.

Something inside me snapped. I can't turn my day around just like that like I used to. Losing interaction with Happy Crush does not help, too. Maybe gaining one of the four back will help me get back on track.

Please, Universe, let it start with Happy Crush 'cause that's the easiest to get among the four.
Not entirely sure because I did something stupid and I think that's the last nail on the coffin that houses our (mostly online) interactions.

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