Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm a flats kind of girl.

I am one of those girls who you cannot - for the life of you - force to wear heels. Here are the only moments I wore heels:

  • Gradeschool grad (It was only an inch high but still)
  • BSA junior year (where I went from the ballroom to my then-boyfriend's car barefoot)
  • Highschool grad
  • That one time in the club (and it was one of the things I've regretted in my life so far)
  • A childhood friend's debut
  • A college friend's debut
  • Thesis defense
  • College grad
  • 3 corporate job interviews (I wore flats before and after the interviews)

See? That's not a lot because I really hate wearing them. Yes, they elongate your legs and make you look sexier but I really cannot take the stress it gives the heel of my feet and my legs. I'm all for comfort so whenever I window shop for shoes in Zalora, I immediately go to their flats section and so far, these are the ones that caught my eyes:

Red Sperry Top-Sider, grey Shoo In, Naturezza zippered sandals, J&M slip ons

These comfy flats and other different footwear of various brands - local and imported - are all available in Zalora. Prices start at Php89.75! For real! They also offer free shipping so if the price of the shoe you want to buy is at Php290, that's all you need to pay. Cash on delivery payment option is available to major cities in the Philippines. And yes, the rumor that they deliver within the day is true (depending on your location)!

If all that still didn't make you go to the Zalora website and shop your hearts out, then this will: type Aletotski0 [Aletotski(zero)] upon checkout to get discounts on your purchase.

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