Monday, December 10, 2012

GIFs can hurt me now.

I was browsing through my Tumblr dashboard when I saw this:

I don't even know where this scene is from but it hurt my heart, literally. It has been a long, long while since someone held me this way (If you want to know the truth, the last person who hugged me this way isn't even the same person I am with right now which makes it suck even more). And yes, I am still in a relationship which makes it all the more frustrating in my part. I mean, for someone who is in a relationship, asking to be hugged this way is pathetic. Given na dapat yang mga ganyang moments!

Good God, I can feel my heart clenching whenever I look at the gif.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't know that movie pero super sakit ng gif na itooooooo! :((

    2. It's a TV show. Teen Wolf. Pretty good for an MTV series. Palabas siya sa beTV, although I think off season siya dun right now.