Friday, February 8, 2013

Chemistry and Timing

After watching and re-watching How I Met Your Mother millions of times while waiting for the new episodes to air, I realized just now that I can totally relate to Robin in the season premiere of season 7. The chemistry, the timing, the advice... Everything! I sorta died a little while I re-watched her tell Barney how she feels as she watches Barney say the exact same words to somebody else. I mean, I know how that feels! (Sorta.)

I hope what I/we have don't have to go through the Tick Tick Tick episode, though, because there's a deal that has been made and it is ending exactly a week from now and I still haven't made a decision and it's killing me inside because I know what I want but I'm so scared to make a move and I don't know why.

(I might be assuming things at this point but that's how I've been reading the signs. If I'm reading them wrong, well, sucks for me.)

But, yeah. I hope the scene in the Splitsville episode in season 8 between Barney, Robin and Nick happens, too, because that scene got me smiling like a fool while watching it. Plus, I am not the one cutting it off with "Nick".

I am watching too much How I Met Your Mother, aren't I?

P.S. I posted the video because I am currently LSS-ing on the song plus I love the dance. Pang-first dance ng newly weds. (Mental note: I need to dance this with my groom on our wedding reception.)

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