Sunday, February 24, 2013

Playing God.

I've been playing The Sims since I was in highschool, when it first came out and I still do now. I love the thought of getting to play God to computer-generated people and the fact that I can make-believe some parts of my life using those characters. For instance, I have this house in The Sims Freeplay on the tablet that has me, a guy and a baby girl as its residents.

The "Ale" character is a romantic who's a loving stay-at-home mom and knows how to sew. She also bakes. Yes, I am a romantic - di lang halata sa blog entries ko lately - and I am a loving mom. As for the sewing, well, I am a frustrated creative/artsy person and among the hobbies available in the Freeplay version, this is the closest thing to being creative. And yes, I would love to learn how to bake but first I have to have the patience for it.

The guy character is a rocker and he works in the city hall. He also loves to cuddle with the baby girl and is always interested in whatever the "Ale" character has to say. He also cooks. Yes, I like my men looking like rockers even though I am a self-professed ghetto kid. I'd put the name of this specific character here but it's such a giveaway as to who College Guy is. (It's not his actual name.)

Lastly, this cutie patootie girl is the "Brianna" character. She needs to eat all the time, loves dancing and is very malambing which is practically my daughter.

The house sorta looks like how I dreamed my house would look - yes, no second floor - and it would be great if there's a dog in the house even if I'm dead scared of one because Brianna really loves dogs.

(I don't know how to end this post so I'm just going to let it hang like this.)


  1. Haha. Me too. But I never made a Sim as myself or whoever.

    My cousin spent more time building and designing a house than playing her Sims. Unsurprisingly, since she took up interior design.

    I loved designing... the town establishments on Sims 3. Haha.

    Yeah, geek again...

    1. Ang sarap lang nung idea na in control ako sa "buhay ko". Hahaha! :))

      I design the houses whenever I feel like it but they always end up looking tacky kaya I focus on the relationships instead. Hahaha! :))

      How big is Sims 3? Takot ako ilagay sa laptop kasi baka bumigay e... :(

    2. Pretty big, but then again, our home PC has most of the expansion packs... most kasi wala nang space if I install one more. Your laptop's new naman, right? I mean, we bought at the same time. I think it can handle Sims 3.

    3. Yeah pero natakot ako nung sabi mo nagkaproblem ka sa memory ba yun nung pinagawa mo couple of weeks after you bought your laptop. Kaya napabili din ako ng hard drive kahit di ko naman talaga kailangan. Hihi.

    4. Ahh, that wasn't a hardware issue. The HDD worked fine but hindi makita yung Windows so ayaw magboot. (And I haven't installed Sims there even.)