Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holy Week 2013

I'm still a Catholic despite whatever conditions I have with my beliefs. I don't know; I just don't consider myself being a drifter in that respect, especially when I still strongly believe in God and not just any other higher being (although I also believe in "the Universe" but that's a completely different thing). It is my comfort zone after all, despite the many times I do not attend mass and all that "Catholic" traditions that are being - I am using this word, loosely, okay? - "dictated" upon us like crossing yourself when you pass by a church and all that jazz. I dunno, I kinda am rebellious when it comes to rules so I wouldn't expect myself to comply. I mean, my daughter's two years old already and here I am, not getting - and planning to be - married anytime soon which probably meant that I will burn in hell to a lot of Filipinos, babydaddy included.

I am spiritual, though, meaning I am in touch with my soul and I still pray and confess to God on my own, without the need for another person to tell me "Hey, you're cleared after performing all of these tasks. The big guy wanted me to tell you".

Anyway, the only point of this post is to say that we - my family - did nothing holy during the Holy Week. We watched Miggy and Laida last Maundy Thursday. We went to Manila Ocean Adventure Good Friday and we went malling to refrain from dying from heat stroke, Black Saturday. Yep, we haven't been to a church since Palm Sunday. We might go to church tomorrow since it is Pasko ng Pagkabuhay anyway but I don't know. We might just go Easter Egg Hunting instead.

We're not very good Catholics, are we?


  1. I'm surprised bukas ang Ocean Park ng Good Friday.

    Kami nag-Yellow Cab nung araw na yun, haha.

    1. Actually maganda nga for them kasi super daming tao nung Friday. As in.