Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I have completely forgotten about my obsession with Justin Timberlake...

...'til my very good friend, Kat, posted this video on my Facebook wall. Can I just say that Like I Love You is my all-time favorite (solo) Justin Timberlake song and my favorite versions of JT has got to be the bald Justin Timberlake, way back NSYNC - Gone days and the year when he teamed up with T.I. for Dead and Gone. Yes, I love my JT rugged.

Also love his new single, Suit and Tie. It has an old school RNB feel to it. Maybe Malia's right. RNB might make a comeback after all of the house/party music we've been having these past few years (Chris Brown also released some new songs that sound so RNB, I can probably forgive him for releasing Yeah 3x and let's not forget Ne-Yo's latest album, R.E.D.). Until that day comes, I'll stick to my (over, over, overplayed, not-updated-at-all) playlist.

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