Monday, March 18, 2013

Work-from-home moms, I need help.

People who work from home know all the perks: no need to wake up early/specific time to get ready and catch the shuttle/avoid the morning/after work traffic, free food, comfortable workplace, etc. It's the ideal work situation, really, because if you land the perfect job, you can earn up to Php80,000 per month. So, what is it am I complaining about?

Well, I'm not really complaining. It's more of acknowledging the problem? (Palusot) Anyway, it's about how I work full-time but at the same time, I need to fulfill my duties as a full-time, breastfeeding mom. I have a beautiful 2-year old daughter who I love dearly but cannot wean from feeding from me. It's my fault, after all. I wanted to feed her exclusively during her first year and didn't teach her after her 1st birthday. Anyway, that's not the problem.

The problem is I get burnt out probably from breastfeeding her and guiding her through her terrible two's and this insane heat the country's going through. Add the personal problems I have been pondering on for a couple of months now and you've got Monster Mom. I don't know how to contain my anger and I sometimes yell at her when she does something wrong. I know I'm making some moms and early childhood specialists cringe with my reactions but when I'm filled to brim, I get so carried away by the stress that I cannot stop myself from yelling.

I do go out every once in a while to grab a few drinks and catch up with friends but that doesn't seem to help. I mean, it does for a day or two but after that, I go back to my grumpy mommy self. Work-from-home moms, I need your suggestions. How do you guys make it work? 'Cause I really want to live up to the title "work-from-home supermom" I bestowed upon myself.

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