Monday, May 20, 2013



No, not the motherly kind of love. The romantic kind of love. Ulk.

(For the record, this post is heavily influenced by the Aiai Delas Alas The Buzz interview I watched a few hours ago that I know I shouldn't have watched when I'm this close to having my period.)

A lot of my friends know how much of a hopeless romantic I WAS. I would do everything for my man, I even named my daughter after my boyfriend even though I originally wanted to name her Alexandra. I mean, I've wanted that name since I was in gradeschool and swore I would name my daughter that when the time comes.

Anyway, all of sudden, I'm this person who is so cautious of falling in love again, you might think I'm an entirely different person. Actually, the falling in love part isn't so hard and not all that bad. It's the staying in love part that made me really cautious. Staying in love takes so much effort and energy (and in some cases, money) especially when your partner won't even bother giving out half as much as you're giving.

Having gone through what I've gone through in the past 3 years brought me to the conclusion that I am the kind of girl who wants someone who I have a high compatibility rating with. It's not much about having the same movie and musical preferences as I do *ehem* (Friends, before you react, it's just because madaling i-adjust yung preferences at madaling intindihin yung ganung klaseng differences. #hindiakoguilty) but more of having the same set of values and probably the same personality as I do. Of course, there are all the other standard (what) qualities I want my future partner to have: understanding, sweet, loyal, trustworthy, etc. but everyone wants their special someone to have these qualities too, it doesn't matter if they're guys, girls or gays, so I figured it's not worth mentioning anymore. So, yeah, future boyfriend/husband, please take note.

The next time I fall in love - Yes, I still dream of falling in love... I still am that hopeless romantic girl after all. - I want it to be the last... and for real, this time. I don't want to go through all the hassle all over again only to find myself ranting about the guy over unlimited mojitos and nachos with chicken and cheese to my girlfriends.