Friday, August 23, 2013

Reasons why I am so freakin' pissed off tonight.

Disclaimer: This is a very self-centered, narcissistic, unbelievably shallow post that I just need to let out because I am brimming with negative energy right now and that can't be because long weekend.
  • I am currently home despite the many attempts to cook something up with friends tonight. Three groups of friends. Nada.
  • I don't have anyone else to talk to right this very minute - not that I have something interesting to say - because most of my friends are either asleep or are out with other friends that aren't me.
  • The people who are available tonight are asking me to travel all the way to Paranaque for a couple of drinks which, while possible, isn't really convenient plus how the hell am I gonna go home from there?Yes, we do have two houses there but Brianna isn't in any of those houses so no. And yes, it takes conditioning for me to leave Brianna at home for one whole day so spontaneous sleepovers/all-nighters are not options.
  • I cannot smoke 'cause my mom's here and I won't hear the end of it.
  • I cannot drink because today has got to be the one day when there's no beer in the fridge and the stores close early.
  • I've been in the house for twelve straight days due to Brianna's fever/cough/colds episode and the habagat, Maring and I'm really bored okay!!!
  • I work from home so weekdays are spent, still, at home, seeing the faces I see every damn day. Don't get me wrong; I am thankful everyone's here and safe and healthy and all but come freakin' on, I need to see other people, too, to keep my sanity intact!
  • I'm so burnt out from all the mommy duties I've been fulfilling these past few days, I'm starting to snap on my daughter, which is really, really bad.
  • I just want to drink with friends tonight and relax for a bit, damn it, and I freakin' can't!
(I usually go bananas when I don't get my regular dose of alcohol. I might be going back to that dark place again so why don't you be a pal and send me some beer over here. What do you say?)

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