Monday, September 30, 2013

Great friends are great.

Here's a list of how my grade school friends spoiled me rotten over the weekend.
  • They were supposed to pick me up from Pasig then head to Tagaytay last Saturday. They're all from Paranaque.
  • When I convinced them that I'd just meet up with them in Bicutan, one of them picked me up from the bus station, armed with an extra umbrella, because I forgot to bring mine.
  • Same friend allowed me to smoke in his car because I told him I wanted to. Windows were closed because the rain was so strong. He is not a smoker.
  • I called shotgun and no one disagreed with me, even that one friend who has polio and preferred sitting up front.
  • They let me play hiphop music in the car the entire trip to Tagaytay. They all listen to party/dance music exclusively.
  • They let me choose which of their hoodies I wanted to use.
  • My friend who owns the house in Tagaytay asked us which bottle we wanted to open first. I said Jack. He gave us Jack.
  • He also allowed me to play hiphop music in their house, even with all the adults there.
  • One of our friends was supposed to head back home at 12mn because he had a basketball game the next day. He's a varsity player. He stayed because I asked him to.
  • I told them it'd be great to have coffee - tea, in my case - first before we headed back to Manila the next day because I didn't want to go home yet. We went to that new Starbucks place there.
  • They let me sit up front again.
  • They brought me home to Pasig. We all didn't sleep the night before and they were all so sleepy...well, except the driver, though, because he took a nap early Sunday morning.

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