Friday, April 4, 2014

An Afternoon Affair with ASCOF Lagundi

Mommies want only the best for their kids -- This is especially true when it comes to the health and well-being of the children. We want whatever it is we put in our kids tummies is good for them. Okay, maybe there's the occasional McDonald's french fries or one too many cupcakes one Sunday afternoon but for the most part, we would want them to consume healthy food.

When it comes to caring for sick babies, though, mothers go all berserk. I know I go crazy even when all Brianna has is the common cough. When faced with this, I usually just give her more water and fruits. I don't rely on medicines myself especially for coughs and colds and I wouldn't want her to rely on them as well. I just want everything out of the system without the help of medicines. It's a better alternative.

Attending the ASCOF Naturalista Moms Garden Affair with Brianna in the Earth Kitchen last March 28 proved all that. The invitation to this event couldn't be anymore timely, too. Brianna has the coughs and I was getting worried 'cause it was getting worse.

Apparently, there are 4 signs of cough: 1) Mabigat na dibdib, 2) Makating lalamunan, 3) Konting pagubo and 4) Nanunuyong lalamunan. And upon the first sign of cough, you can already take ASCOF Lagundi, unlike other antibiotics wherein you have to wait for a certain amount of time - or symptom - before you take it. You can also never go wrong with the prescription for ASCOF Lagundi -- You won't OD on it. Riiiiiiight?! A cough medicine that won't get you all woozy and end up in a hospital when you take more than the prescribed dosage.

Anyway, I personally enjoyed the dance move that was taught in the event. Brianna enjoyed that one too but too bad my video footage isn't good enough to upload. The dance move they taught was about how ASCOF Lagundi will soothe you and get rid of your cough (Tunaw-Luwag-Ginhawa). It was really easy and the kids enjoyed dancing to it.

#NaturalistaMom, Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi graced the event with her twins and entertained questions from the bloggers and people from the media. I love how frank she was and how she's praning, too, when it comes to her kids. Another thing that I love about their small little family is how they are expressive and how as a mom, she doesn't actually intervene with her children's affairs (Hugot101. Hahaha!) but calls them up to check up on them every once in a while. I've always wanted that kind of family so I am doing just that with Brianna (and my favorite person). Well, of course there's how she wanted to feed her family everything healthy that I someday hope to achieve.

They've also shown us the latest ASCOF Lagundi TVC featuring Carmina and the kids:

These kids... Even at their age now, they're still so adorable and they look that way in person too.

Anyway, I think that The Earth Kitchen in Katipunan, Quezon City is the best place to hold the event. ASCOF Lagundi is an organic supplement and the food from The Earth Kitchen were all healthy and suprisingly tasty for someone like me who prefers her food salty. Yes, the herbal medicine is surprisingly tasty, too. I tasted it before I gave Brianna some. Teehee. The interior design of the place is so pretty. It has this home-y feel to it that I kinda wanted to just put my feet up and plug my iPod to my ears.

Of course, this experience wouldn't be complete without the friendly Nuffies and Nuffnang bloggers we met:

Anyway, Brianna is feeling a lot better as of this posting, thanks to ASCOF Lagundi. It only took - what? - two days of taking the ponkan-flavored syrup - which is really yummy, mind you - and now her week-long cough's all gone. I'm not just saying this, y'all. It's the truth.

Kaya mommies, sa simula ng cough, ASCOF! Natural.

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