Monday, June 9, 2014

Mercury Retrograde

I am not really a believer of astrology but what's been happening to me and work these past few days led me to read about Mercury Retrograde.

I first heard of this term from Jill when I met up with her and Malia a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, whenever Mercury "stops" and starts "moving backwards", it affects the human race. This - according to what I've read - is the time of the year when almost everything seems to be crumbling down and the past rises up from the dead. This is also the best time to contemplate and put things into perspective.

Although I still don't believe it wholeheartedly (or understand it enough to actually consider believing it), something about it appealed to me:

Screen capture from

Which, if you think about it, happens outside of Mercury Retrograde so that really isn't just for this phenomenon but I guess it's safer to just kick this part here to high gear whenever Mercury decides to go Michael Jackson on us (the moonwalk dance. Get it? No? Never mind…)

Suffice to say, the weekend has been pretty cruel to me, in terms of work and I don't want to talk about it at all. I know I'm not the only person "affected" by this phenomenon and even if I'm not in the best of moods, I will tell us all this one thing: ON TO THE NEXT! (Probably not within the time Mercury recedes 'cause that might affect something…)

(For someone who doesn't believe in astronomy, I am too obedient on their do's and don'ts…)

(Maybe that's because I'm universe girl and the planets are part of the universe.)

(Or maybe deep down I kinda sorta believe it even if I don't understand it fully.)

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