Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What not to post on Instagram

  1. Selfies with your cleavage showing
  2. Collaged selfies
  3. Famous beauty quotes as captions to selfies
  4. 10 separate photos of the same shot
  5. 4092384918320921 photos from one event all posted within an hour (pahabol photos the day after: optional). COLLAGE THEM AND GET IT OVER WITH WILL YA #Hugot101
  6. Morbid photos of your wounds/injuries/operation
  7. #captions #that #look #like #this #nakakairitakaya #tagsforlikesulul #amiright #naturalbeautyyourface
  8. Photos that obviously beg for compliments
  9. Pahaging in photo form… You have Twitter para magparinig.
  10. Photos of food that don't look appetizing 'cause why?

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