Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kasabay ng aking pagalis sa trabaho...

...ang aking paglipat ng OB-GYN.

My OB-GYN is the aunt of my boss.

I am not changing OB-GYNs because of that, though. That'll be shallow. I am changing OB-GYNs because both Bry and I don't think she's taking good care of me and the little one.
  1. She and her assistant does not reply to any of my messages and wants me to call her nalang. First, we don't have enough money to spend on load. Second, not all the time we have access to a phone. And lastly, she should be accessible 24/7 in whichever way possible, right?
  2. She gets annoyed when I ask too many questions. I mean, hello? I AM supposed to ask questions. It IS my first time and I feel all different kinds of pain so why shouldn't I ask?
  3. It seems like everytime I meet her, she wants to get rid of me. It's like she doesn't take interest.
...I could go on all night with all my reasons why I don't like her but I'm not complaining anymore. I will just replace her.

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