Saturday, September 18, 2010


I went through blogs of people I know and I don't know. They all have bestfriends and they rant about how great these bestfriends are and how they'd spend their entire lives with them if given the chance and yadda yadda yadda...

Then it struck me.

I am planning to get married soon (yes, I am and really soon) and the biggest dilemma I'm having as of the moment is that I don't have my Maid of Honor since I don't have a female bestfriend (all of my bestfriends have been guys). I know I can easily stick with my sister or some cousin but even the cousin I am closest to is a guy.

If there's a way where a guy could be my Maid of Honor, I'd have Kuya walk down the aisle, no doubt.


  1. Patrick Dempsey. What's the name of his movie again?

  2. I dunno. Di ako mahilig manood ng movie. Hahaha! :))