Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This seminar changed how I look at life. Seriously.

To tell anyone honestly, I didn't want to take this seminar before. I resisted like hell. You should ask the people who invited me countless of times to attend even just the 'coffee' session, which was an orientation to the seminar itself.

On November 12th, I've finally decided to attend a coffee session happening at the Soliman Corporate Center in Pasong Tamo just 'cause I got tired staying in at home, doing nothing. Besides, I missed the people who invited me. I listened to the people who conducted the orientation and the people who shared their experiences with the seminar. I have to admit I became curious. I wanted to get everything that I ever wanted. I wanted to break free from my programs and my prejudices. I wanted change. I NEEDED change.

That was when I've finally decided to attend the seminar. I didn't have cash with me (plus I don't have work anymore so I really didn't have the money) so I borrowed money from Bry and my previous boss, Ms. Mares, 'cause it felt like I had to take the seminar right away not just for me but for Bry and my baby.

Last Thursday, we started with the first session of the seminar and can I just say that on that first night, I literally had that Ta-Da! moment already and I already can't thank the one who persisted in asking me to join enough. That first night was a total eye-opener.

The seminar lasted 'til Sunday and those 4 magical days totally changed my outlook in life. There's so much love and positivity inside my heart and my mind that nobody and NOTHING can change my mood.

If we were to win the Lotto draw tonight, I am going to enroll everyone I know to the next PSI Basic batch because I want them to feel the happiness and the impact of the seminar that I felt each night I walked out of the Soliman Corporate Center. I want everyone to be at their greatest!

But since the draw isn't until 9pm tonight, all I can do is invite everyone to the join the PSI Basic Batch 241. Here are the details:

PSI Leadership Success Seminar
Batch 241
January 27-31, 2011
Soliman Corporate Center
Php 11,088.00 (VAT inclusive)

Take responsibility of your own life.

Enroll now!

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