Friday, November 26, 2010

How ironic...

I posted this status in Facebook just a couple of hours ago (Facebook says 19 hours ago but I can't be sure) and now, I am here at home, SULKING, 'cause I should be want to be someplace else - someplace where I am with my boyfriend and a couple of friends with beers, cigarettes and jazz music - but the responsible, mommy voice inside my head asked me to stay home instead.

I know this shouldn't be hard considering the condition I am in but still! I've decided since last week that I will be there only to change my mind the last minute. Masama pa sa loob ko yung pagpalit ko ng decision... which shouldn't be the case because it's for my bebe anyway BUT STILL! (Ayaw talaga palampasin...)

This shouldn't be that much of a dilemma to you. You are doing the right thing.
If it is really that hard, you already need to re-audit.

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