Sunday, March 11, 2012

I think I spend too much.

I am a mom who should be saving up for a house and a car and a wonderful wedding and I think I spend too much. Just a while ago, we went to Megamall and I was just supposed to buy one of those strap-y Velcro stuff for my cables, tampons and maybe a bag of chips or two but noooooooo. Instead, I bought these:

I got these from the 88-peso store in St. Francis Square. I got a huge ass hanger and I don't even know why. It currently holds my towel and Brianna's towel and I think it looks awesome in our room. I got triple AAA batteries for my cordless mouse. The Sesame Street playing cards are just way too cute to ignore. Damn, I hate those kinds of places.

We crossed the street and again, I had the urge to give my money to the number one department store in the Philippines and I did. I got Brianna that inflatable pool because let's admit it, a child's summer won't be complete without those inflatable pools. The Sun broadband was just something I needed to get and I just got it without thinking today. The pink sippie cup? Just 'cause. Most favorite buys for today? The denim skirt that I have been taking forever to actually buy and I don't know why and this blue slim wallet that breaks all the pink inside my purse.

Uhm. What's the point of this post again?

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