Monday, April 23, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist.

I have been posting tons of wishlist in this blog  and here I am, posting yet another one. This one right here is for the summer, although I have items in the list that aren't for the summer vacation. It's more of a it's-cheaper-if-I-buy-them-now-because-they're-not-in-season type of thing.

Anyway, the first one on my list has got to be the Bonita Large Shoulder Bag with Gold Lock.

I love bags with this shape and I love the color of this particular bag. Add that to the fact that all of my baby's necessities plus my things will fit in this bag when we go for a trip out of town.

This Cia Maritima one piece with gold rings swimwear also caught my attention right away.

I do have a couple of bikinis in my closet but motherhood came to me when I was just about bikini-ready in 2010 that I didn't have the chance to actually wear it again and now, a year after Brianna's arrival, I've yet to  get rid of the pregnancy belly so I have to settle with a maillot for now.

These grey casual boots from Centropelle are just one of the two pieces in my list that are not really for the summer but are part of my summer wishlist, anyway.

Up to know, I still don't own a pair of boots. I would want to own one but I haven't found the perfect one for me and for the Philippine weather. Until now, that is. This one would go really well with most of my wardrobe since I am more of a casual dresser. Those chunkier ones would have been great except with the Philippines' weather, I don't think I'd last a minute in a pair of those.

This next one is for my baby girl.

This pink Hover Sneak from Crocs will be perfect for Brianna's cutesy little feet. I bet she'd want to run all over the place with these sneakers. I would too, if I had a pair.

Last is for my ever-dearest baby daddy. This is the second piece that isn't really for the summer but I just have to have it here.

I've always wanted to get Bry a jacket that he can wear both for work and for when we go out and this military jacket from 5CM will definitely be the perfect jacket to finish off his already dashing look.

This is yet another wishlist I am broadcasting out for the universe to hear. I hope this time, the universe hears me and grants me my summer wish. *cross fingers*

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