Monday, June 4, 2012

Confusion is nothing new.

If you know me, you will know that I am not that much into music. I listen to HipHop, RnB, Slow Jams, yes, but a part of me doesn't really consider that music. No offense meant to those people who work around that musical genre but whenever I hear the word "music", those are not the genres that pop into my head.

Anyway, just this morning, I woke up to the thought of "I should get a copy of Imago's old album as well as Moonstar 88's." I don't know where that thought came from but now that it's there, I would love to make a list of OPM artists/bands' albums I would love to get my hands on:
  1. The whole discography of Imago
  2. The whole discography of Moonstar 88
  3. The whole discography of Rivermaya
  4. The whole discography of Eraserheads
  5. The whole discography of Up Dharma Down
  6. The whole discography of Mojofly
Looking at my list now, I don't think I have a diverse taste in music. They all sound alike.

Would also love to get my hands on the whole Tunog Acoustic collection and any album that has Barbie Almalbis in it and those tribute albums that have been coming out though I already have Ultraelectromagneticjam!: The Music of the Eraserheads.

I am officially freaking myself out.

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