Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

I have been dreaming of the perfect home for my little family for the past few years already. Although I still don't have the money, it is a great exercise for someone who believes in the power of the Law of Attraction so much. I've been searching and scouring the malls, depots and the internet for the perfect home pieces and post them here because this blog has been serving as my make shift vision board.

Then I've come across the Mandaue Foam website. Now, I have more furniture pieces I could add to my vision board. Here are some of them:

This Provence Desk is an unexpected home office piece that will fit my minimalist dream home perfectly. I love how it looks modern and not at all bulky for a home office furniture. It also doesn't seem to give off the impression of "work" and "stress" which is perfect for a freelancer like me.

The Gregory Bookcase is perfect for my dream living room. It would probably make my not-so-amazing list of books look classy. I can also imagine our family photos finding a home in the shelves of this really pretty bookshelf.

Being half of the power (alcoholic) couple, I fell in love with this KD Jeff Pub Set that looks like a mini bar. I imagine seeing this set in the balcony where we could hangout every night and have a can of beer or two.

I love how Mandaue Foam's tagline, "Your home, your imagination", is somewhat near to PSI's mantra, "To think is to create". It adds more positive energies to my wishlist and vision board. Even the Mandaue Foam's newest TVC is something that I would have thought of if I were part of an advertising agency. (Side note: I love the bride's gown!)

I honestly think that Mandaue Foam and I will have an actual relationship when we start building our home. For now, I just have to take note of all the pieces I want.


  1. i just bought KD Jeff Pub Set . i've waited for their SALE hoping that it would be on 40% off but unfortunately it was only marked down at 20%. nonetheless, it's better than nothing. :)
    i've been looking forward to get this piece since I saw it like 2 months ago.
    you should have included it in your wishlist
    (positivity | Law of Attraction) :P

  2. How much did you end up buying the set and which branch did you get it from? I totally have this in my wishlist and will definitely get it for my future home. :) It's a great thing you got it on sale, huh? :)

  3. It costs 6400 and i got it from their las pinas branch. the last i heard was, mine is the last piece. just kidding. :p but don't worry I will take good care of it so in case you can no longer find one, you can simply get in touch with me and make me an offer. lol...
    i'm hoping that you can get this piece as well... :) btw, their sale is extended until the 10th of Sept.

  4. Haha! :)) That's great. I'll check some other branch if they still have it. If not, well, I really might need to get in touch with you. :)