Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BPI online banking, you stressed me out.

Okay, I know that this isn't true because I won't be stressed out over something if I don't let it stress me out but I just want to blame BPI online banking right now, okay?

I booked a flight to Coron this morning with the hopes of getting cheaper tickets for almost a week's worth of vacation next year with my beloved friends. I am supposed to pay for it until 11:59pm today. It's only 10:35pm and I am giving it up just because I don't want to stress myself over it anymore.

I followed all of the instructions that this page has given me with regards to enrolling Cebu Pacific to my account but after 4 hours of sweat and throbbing temples, the online banking site still tells me that I did something wrong. I talked to 2 phone bankers about it. I complained about it for a good 15 minutes each - di pa kasama yung 10 years na paghintay ko na may mag-take ng tawag ko - and they both told me the same thing. I followed every damn thing but the website doesn't seem to agree with paying for the trip.

Now, I am settling with the fact that the trip to Coron is somewhat postponed for me. I hope I do get another chance to score really cheap tickets for that same trip with my friends. If not, well, I'm booking for another date. Di lang naman yun ang petsa na pwedeng umalis next year e...

Or I might have that much money to spare, then I won't need the seat sale (Law of Attraction, let's do this!).

Either way, I am NOT using the BPI online banking website to pay for it. Di ko deserve ang stress.

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