Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No, this song isn't for least at first it wasn't.

Okay, I loved this song the first time I heard it years ago and I admit, I didn't actually understand what the song meant then. I just thought the melody's sweet and Ronnie Liang's voice sounds nice here, compared to the other songs I've heard him sing in Pinoy Dream Academy.
I searched for the lyrics just a few minutes ago and realized what the song actually meant. Nakakatawa. The first verse and refrain goes:
Minamasdan kita
Nang hindi mo alam
Pinapangarap kong ikaw ay akin
Mapupulang labi
At matingkad mong ngiti
Umaabot hanggang sa langit
Huwag ka lang titingin sa akin
At baka matunaw ang puso kong sabik
How funny is that? I've thought of one person after reading the lyrics of the song and it made me chuckle. If I were in college, I bet this would've been my song for him.

(Sorry if I seem too hung up with my college life lately. Blast from the past e.)

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