Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things I would love to do but don't want to get judged for.

  • Wear a band shirt.
  • Wear a pair of legit nerd eyeglasses (because I have really poor eyesight).
  • Talk to my daughter in straight English.
  • Watch a movie in the theaters on my own.
  • Go to a club on my own.
  • Drink in a public place on my own.
  • Complain.
  • Unfriend/unfollow people in Facebook/Twitter.
  • Get photos taken with local celebrities.
  • Instagram my day.
  • Wear a bandage skirt.
  • Harmlessly flirt (yes, there's such a thing) with other people.
  • Use my bare hands to eat in public.
  • Share my lesbo moments with other people.
  • Eat. A lot.
  • Ask a guy out for coffee/a couple of rounds of beer as friends. (Lakas maka- #DyanNagsisimulaYan!)
  • Ask for a shoutout on national TV/radio from my favorite local celebrities.
  • Wear pink from head to toe.
  • Wear a bikini.

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