Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zalora for your baby

If you're a mom like me, you're probably guilty of window shopping and actual shopping for your baby's stuff because I know that I am. I would spend literally hours and hours of window shopping at malls, looking at sippy cups and cute, little Chuck Taylors. Story's not any different with online shopping except I spend even more hours online window shopping because it's just too convenient.

Zalora, one of the most convenient places to shop online, also has cartoon character brand, apart from your usual men and women's apparel in their catalog. Here are some of my mom picks:

The Dora the Explorer cup from Munchkin is a must-have wherever you go, especially if you have a toddler. All the running and the playing will tire your little one out and keeping a glass of water within arm's reach is a very, very wise idea.

This 2-piece Minnie Mouse sleepwear is a very comfortable pair that your baby can wear practically anywhere. If your home is anything like mine, there are times that you don't turn the aircon on due to financial reasons and this ensemble will keep your baby comfortable throughout the night.

Who doesn't love Hello Kitty? This lunch box will not only show everyone how you love the most popular cat in town, it will also show what great of a mom you are by always having snacks in tow and looking chic while at it.

To keep your baby's toothbrush clean, get a pair or two of these cute toothbrush holders that you can stick to your bathroom mirror so your baby will get even more excited to brush his/her teeth.

This Barbie watch will surely grab the attention of everyone in preschool. Be sure to point them to Zalora if their parents ask. *wink*

The convenience doesn't stop with window shopping in Zalora. Their payment options are testaments to that and you will get to experience that once you make the purchase. Added bonus to your already very convenient shopping experience? Well, just type the voucher Aletotski0 [Aletotski(zero)] upon checkout to get discounts on your purchase. Just make sure that it's around Php500 for you to avail of the discount.

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