Monday, January 7, 2013

Oplan Balik-Alindog 2013

Last year, my thinspiration was Megan Fox. This year, I have a new one:

Miranda Kerr. She gave birth to her baby in 2011 and yet by the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in November last year, she looks like that! It might be a long shot for someone with genes like mine (mom's side of the family is 'chunky') but knowing that she had to put on some sort of hardwork for her body to look like that, that's motivation enough for me.

I hope my new thinspiration get me somewhere this year. Actually, Megan Fox as thinspiration for last year wasn't too bad. I got tons of "Ang payat mo!" and "Parang di naman mommy..." compliments from friends and acquaintances alike plus a year-end flirting spree/ego boost capped it all off but this year, I am aiming for tons of two-syllable damns and probably an indecent proposal from the guy I like.

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