Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Desperation Day

Today is Desperation Day as per Barney Stinson (yes, I am deleting my How I Met Your Mother folder soon...or maybe I'm just gonna transfer it to the hard drive) and I am so, so, so sad it's driving me crazy but not just because it's Valentine's day tomorrow. Well, that's part of it and I can't believe I'm becoming one of those girls but mostly because I can feel everything falling apart. I am still trapped in that toxic, dead-end relationship that, for some reason, I cannot leave. I am still unemployed despite all the effort I've been giving job hunting for the past 2 months now. My savings account is almost empty despite my many, many attempts to save money. I am still living with my parents which isn't really a bad thing when you think about it but when my mom starts telling me that I need to get a job (I know, mom, no need to rub it in!), I just want to pack my and Brianna's bags and flee. But oh, since I can't spend another cent, I have to stay.

(Damn it! There! She just did it again!)

I am desperate. Desperate for a breather... For time off... For change.

Alak nga jan!

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