Thursday, March 21, 2013


There are a lot of qualities about Carrie Bradshaw I would love to have; like how she's actually a legit published writer and "her" interior design instinct (I love her apartment, okay. I can actually live there with Brianna.). I can babble on how she's become some sort of a role model to me - yes, I've been marathon-ing Sex and the City during my alone time - but this is the one thing I love most about her:

Her abs! I would walk around in a tube top all the time, too, if I had her abs. And puking at a party where you see your ex again for the first time after the break-up won't look so sad when you have a body like that.

I wish I were naturally skinny because then I wouldn't have to add that to the 8 million problems I have now.

Now I'm reminded of how flabby I am. Damn it, Patrice!

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