Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Short-Term Goals.

I know I said I won't set any goals for this year; that I will just grab any opportunity that will present itself to me but a part of me just can't let the goal-setting thing go, even for just a year. I mean, 3 months into the year and I'm already setting a "short-term" goal for myself to accomplish.

Anyway, I put quotation marks on short-term in the paragraph above because I have a rather unconventional short-term goal. Most people consider getting a car a short-term goal but my idea of a short-term goal is actually buying my very own condominium unit. Preferably a one-bedroom unit somewhere along/near EDSA but a studio apartment works, too.

I don't see myself renting a space unless it's rent-to-own and that is one of the things the babydaddy and I argue about during those rare moments we actually talk. Rent money goes nowhere. At least if I pay for, say, Php10k per month for a one-bedroom unit for a couple number of years, I know that in the end, the place is actually mine.

It's going to take a whole lot of discipline, hardwork and resourcefulness for me to accomplish this goal in 5 years' time but I am currently looking for other sources of income because this writer thing is just enough to cover my and Brianna's basic needs.

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