Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How we spent Araw ng Kagitingan.

So instead of heading to Subic for a little beach action, we went to Binondo instead and got our shopping on. I was kinda hesitant to bring Brianna along at first because the last time I went to 1-6-8, I got so harassed that I swore never go there least not without a good night's rest and someone I can be all bitchy to when I get tired. This time around, though, I was with my parents and my tita so I thought "Meh, what the hell". What I saw surprised me. The place is actually clean (and wide) enough for me to bring Brianna. Of course, holding onto the kids for dear life is still a requirement since the place was still packed with people but it is good enough to make them walk on their own. Bringing a stroller to 1-6-8 and 9-9-9 Mall, though, will not be a wise idea since the aisles are not that wide. We brought Brianna's but decided last minute not to bring it.

Anyway, it's kinda hard to find parking there if you don't know the place but luckily for us, a friend of Tatay's told him of this new mall beside 1-6-8 called the Lucky Chinatown Mall. It has 7 floors of huge and shiny parking spaces but when we arrived the mall at 9:30am, the parking spaces were already - probably - half full and the mall hasn't opened yet. It has the usual Mango, Adidas and Bon Chon branches where people who are fond of going to malls usually flock to but I had this feeling that people don't really spend time shopping there with 1-6-8 just across the (one-way) street.

I almost died when I started asking for the prices of anything in 1-6-8 and 9-9-9. They're super cheap compared to Greenhills and St. Francis Square! I forgot how cheap everything is there. I cursed myself for not going there before for any kind of shopping (Christmas, baby stuff, birthday gifts, summer, etc) after I've given birth. Clothes I'd usually buy for 500+ in GH only cost me 200 in 1-6-8 and quality sunnies prices start at 180. Even the Trunk Show have lower prices there! The pair of flats which "retails" at 650 I've been eyeing on their Facebook page only costs 200 pesos there. No, they aren't replicas. I mean, they're an online shop who designs their own shoes, for chrissakes.

Believe it or not, I just spent 700 pesos for the following:
  • A really cute floral top
  • A pair of white leggings
  • A Minnie Mouse towel
  • Disney Princess stamps
  • A Snow White balloon
  • A pair of cat's eye sunglasses
  • Snacks
  • A set of Hello Kitty toiletries

I was supposed to buy this chambray top but they didn't have it in my size. I was also gonna buy Brianna clothes but I didn't like the toddler clothes they sell there. If you're really picky when it comes to baby and toddler clothes, 1-6-8 and 9-9-9 aren't the places you're supposed to be scouring.

By 3pm, we decided to leave because we saw how heavy the traffic situation is outside and we cannot walk on the aisles without bumping onto anyone anymore.

When we were on our way to BGC from Binondo, I was struck by this realization that Manila is actually a beautiful place to walk around in...minus all the hooligans who want to cause harm, of course. So much history and interesting sights to see especially if you actually go to the heart of Manila. Super ganda!

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