Monday, April 8, 2013

I'll forever want to live in the South...

I know that most people in the South only considers BF Parañaque and Alabang area as South but it isn't so. I am quite annoyed by this but them rich kids want the title all to themselves, making the term "taga-South" leave a quite negative impression (e.g. connio, rich kid, sosyal, Inglisero/a, etc).

Anyway, despite the negative connotation, I still want to live there. I know I said somewhere in this blog that I've changed my mind when it comes to living and building a family in the South but a quick visit to the place brings back all the love I have for the place. I was there last weekend and I've spent time with old friends in a cemetery and I couldn't be happier. We didn't drink nor did we eat but we spent 6 hours talking about anything and everything and smoking the occasional cigarette and I had the grandest time.

Then we went to BF for a family thing Sunday morning and I can't help but get all warm inside while I took in all of the establishments and houses I saw. If you don't know it yet, I've always wanted to live inside that gated community and study in either Beda or Zobel but as you all know, that didn't happen. 15 years after, I still dream to own a house inside BF despite the horrible traffic situation in President's Ave., Aguirre and Elizalde but it's now Brianna I want to send to Zobel or Beda (Manre, Ann Arbor and Marymount are now added to the list because let's admit it: Di na biro magpaaral ng bata ngayon). My tita offering a room in her house for us just adds fuel to the flame.

All of my closest friends are in that area, as well as people I never want to hear of and from again but that doesn't stop me from wanting to grow old there. Now, where to find a man who either lives there or would be willing to live there for the rest of his life?


  1. Come back to the south! (This, coming from a guy who "does not live" in the "south". I spend some time in Alabang but why do people still think nakatira ako sa liblib?)

    1. I know! If I had the money, I definitely will.

      And liblib kasi hindi na normal cab rates ang babayaran papunta sa inyo. Same goes with our place in Pasig/Cainta. May additional Php20-50 na pag dito pupunta unless galing lang ng Ortigas. Haha! :))

  2. Napapagastos ako ng P600 para magtaxi from my office. Mas mura ng konti kung sa condo namin sa Las Piñas. (And not deep Las Piñas, ah.) Liblib talaga, haha.