Friday, May 10, 2013

The Chito Miranda x Rico Blanco Collaboration

I'm not really a fan of alternative music or any music that includes guitar riffs or drum solos but the OPM scene has always been an exception. Okay, maybe the OPM scene back in the 90s and a very few songs released in the past decade. I just can't stand all the "Neseye ne eng lehet..." and "Boom karakaraka" that have been playing in almost every radio station I (don't) listen to and every music store I enter. I'm not hating on Daniel Padilla and Vice Ganda or anything. I mean, if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know how I get kilig over Daniel Padilla and the way he looks at Kathryn Bernardo whenever they're on TV and how I am a huge fan of GGV. It's just that they don't make Pinoy songs the way they used to...

Enter Chito Miranda and Rico Blanco. They've been exchanging tweets about hanging out in Rico's place, cooking up something, but disguising it as "trip-trip lang", nothing to get excited over but I know I am not the only one who thought "Yeah, right, wala lang" because they're friggin' Chito Miranda and Rico Blanco! What's so "wala lang" about them, right? I KNOW.

So anyway, here's the "trip-trip lang" track they were talking about:

It's called Panahon Na Naman ng Harana and it's some sort of a mash-up of Harana and Panahon Na Naman - obviously - but there's nothing "trip-trip lang" about it. I mean, like I said, they're friggin' Chito Miranda and Rico Blanco!

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