Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Welcome Distraction

Last Sunday, Kat and I went to the Arena to witness the DLSU-ADMU Dream Game Part 2, which they called The Revenge. They should've called it The Repeat. LOL.

Anyway, since I am on Oplan GetOverHim, Joseph Yeo's amazing smile and pogi moves on the hardcourt is a welcome distraction.

This shot with Ren Ren is so adorbs, I'd kiss them both if I could.

Even caught in mid-sentence, he still looks damn good.
Having Chris Tiu in the same frame makes the photo even more breathtaking. Sorry, TY.

Game face: ON. Pogi parin.
Half of his face? No problem! Pogi parin!

And the money shot. Drum roll please...

The thirties definitely look good on The Ninja. I don't think I will ever get tired of his face.

Thank you, Joseph Yeo, for distracting me from the impending heartache even for just a few days. I know I have to get back to reality and start moving on from him but you, I will never tire of loving.

Photos taken from my good friend, Les', Facebook page.

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