Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Key to the Law of Attraction

I've been a firm believer of the Law of Attraction since I first encountered it last 2010. I've never felt so responsible and it's changed me in ways I couldn't really explain to non-believers and to those who don't want to believe it. I stopped blaming others whenever I feel bad and I started becoming happy for the achievements of other people... It's so liberating, I tell you.

With that said, I've a few things to say: The Law of Attraction might be borderline superstitious to a lot of people who are skeptics but that doesn't mean you can make things up when you know that deep down inside, it's never ever gonna happen. The Law of Attraction will get the universe moving towards those things that you firmly believe is going to happen. The beauty of it is the universe actually knows when you are lying to yourself. So when you send your requests out, the universe also gets a hold of your emotions, your thoughts and everything that it needs to fulfill what it is you really want.

Let's say, you want a car. You send that out to the universe but in your head you keep on saying "I don't have a job" and in your heart you feel so depressed about not having a job, then you can be sure that the universe won't grant your wish.

Getting whatever it is that you want entails positive vibes and honesty to one's self. Declaring things to the universe that you don't actually believe is true is just, well, lying. It's a simple as that.

Why did I feel the need to explain how Law of Attraction works? Well, I got word that the babydaddy has been inviting people in my clan to "our" non-existent wedding. I know he's just attracting it but I think he doesn't know that lying to himself won't get him anywhere and lying to other people is just plain wrong. I mean, everyone's been taught the same thing in GMRC and Religion/Christian Living, right? (For a person who grew up in a "sarado Katoliko" family, he tends to lie a lot.)

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