Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yes, Size Matters.

I'm not really a fan of burgers. I don't know why but they just don't appeal to me. Especially those that are being served in fast food restaurants. Now, don't call me a hypocrite just yet 'cause I admit, I eat them every once in a while. I just don't crave for one ever, nor are they on the top of my mind whenever somebody asks me "San tayo kakain?".

Enter this Size Matters poster:

NOW I WANT A FRIGGIN' BURGER! LOOK AT THOSE BACON, I'D TRADE ANYTHING FOR BACON. FOR REAL. And could you just take a second to look at that cheese steak sandwich?! Pure perfection. Ugh. Now I'm hungry and I just finished a bag of Potchi. *sigh* Pig mode: On.

I'm not entirely sure if there's another branch of Size Matters now open in the Metro but I do know they're opening at SM North The Block soon. I'd go all the way there if that's the only branch they'll open here.

I seriously cannot wait. I'm sure that after seeing those, you can't, too.

Edit (June 17, 2013): So there's a Size Matters branch in BF Paranaque, along President's Avenue near 7-11. Saw it when I was there last Saturday and I would've eaten there if it wasn't closed that time. Ugh. Burger gods, help me get my hands on even just one burger. I swear, I'll eat burger more if that's what you want me to do.

Also, I hope they open a branch somewhere here in the East. I mean, they have one in South and another branch opening in the North. Might as well open one here, too. Like in that new place in Kapitolyo, where the old Rizal Municipal Hall used to stand.


  1. I hope the real thing doesn't look disappointing compared to the photos. BACON.

  2. I heard they're also opening soon at Kapitolyo! :)