Friday, August 16, 2013

My overly-emotional mind needs answers!

  • Can he be more inconsistent?
  • Why are you doing all of these now that there's nothing to do them for anymore?
  • Do I still know how to kiss?
  • Why doesn't he like me - like me?
  • Do I still know how know...?
  • Why am I thinking of giving him, well, that thing guys like that girls hate doing?
  • Can you just stop bugging me?
  • Do I really need more friends?
  • How should I tell my folks about the break-up?
  • Why can't he just let it go? Him, too?
  • Will he ever move on from her?
  • Is there a chance in the high heavens for him and me to happen?
  • Am I really just setting myself up for disappointment?
  • Am I really not ready for anything or am I just preventing for a major heartbreak to happen?

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