Thursday, September 12, 2013


I finally caught a break from all the negativities of today. I was browsing the internet instead of working, as usual, when I stumbled upon the website that I've been looking for for two years now. No, I didn't actually look for it and yes, that first statement is a lie.

Anyway, I found 2 songs from that website I could add to my new playlist (The Day You Said Goodnight by Hale and Tell Me Where It Hurts by MYMP) but that's not the reason why I've been laughing my head off for the past 30 minutes. The way these songs have been interpreted gave me the chuckles. For a, what, 17-year-old, the writer makes great observations of the songs the writer listens to.

Also, the writer seems to have lost compassion throughout the years. Good for the writer, bad for me.

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