Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oplan Balik-Alindog 2013: Full Throttle Day 2

As usual, we started with a 5k run, which frustrated the bejeezus out of me. At the 3k point, my right foot started having cramps and then a few steps after, my (thunder) thighs followed suit. I was so disappointed by the end of the run, I almost didn't want to do any toning and strengthening exercise (as if it's my choice).

Toning and strengthening was suprisingly tolerable today. I didn't have as hard a time with the planks and the raises like yesterday. I even had a volleyball in between my legs while doing my leg raises. And the yoga part is still my favorite. Super relaxing. The best improvement, though? I didn't see any stars - parol, as my tita fondly calls them - after the run and the workout. Wooh!

The menu today was so yummy! Everything tasted so garlic-y, which I love and I was served potato salad. Potato freakin' salad. A small serving of carbs for the very good student. Woohoo!




Right now, though, my right foot and my thighs are sore. I hope this goes away before the run tomorrow. Aiming to run 7.5k tomorrow. Wooh! Push!

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