Monday, October 14, 2013


(I know I hate that term but it accurately captures how I feel right now. What're you gonna do about it?)

I've been with my South friends again last weekend for the 3rd weekend in a row and all I can think about is how it'd be so much easier for everyone if I lived there. It's just such a hassle for everyone!

  • One of my friends always picks me up somewhere: Ayala, Bicutan exit, Santana Grove, wherever!
  • One of my friends has always been the designated driver to take me home safely, no matter what time it is, whether or not he has alcohol in his body and whether or not he's had any sleep prior to taking me home at 5 in the freakin' morning, after having spent the entire 24 hours running errands and drinking.
  • Two of my friends accompany the designated driver, making sure he won't fall asleep while driving (they pass by C5 which is so dangerous at night, doesn't matter if the driver is drunk or not).

I always tell them that it's easier to just let me commute my way home than have them all go through the hassle of taking me home within 24 hours but they tell me they want me to be safe. It's the sweetest thing anyone could ever tell me but at the same time, I can't help but feel guilty. It's just so much to go through for a friend.

I feel really good whenever I'm with them, though. They spoil me rotten. Feels nice to be treated that way for a change.

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