Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More, more help for the Philippines!

Ever since I realized that helping people gave me the greatest joy, I've never stopped lending a hand to those who needed help. Okay, granted I didn't get to help everyone who has a financial problem as I am struggling financially, too, but those who needed help with, say, relationship problems... I was always willing to share what little experience I have in the matter. They don't have to follow my advice or anything for me to feel joy; I am just happy I helped.

Helping in repacking goods for the Yolanda survivors last November 2013 with a very good friend has got to be one of my most memorable moments of helping people. I mean, I always, always help my people I know anyway and even though I've sent a small amount of money to those affected by the Habagat in 2013, this particular experience still takes the cake. Nothing beats the feeling I got while I was pouring bigas into bags and actually carrying tons of them from one side of the basketball court to another with a very kikay girl who kept on texting on her phone (normally, something like this will piss me off but nothing can take the high away that night). I really feel great whenever I remember that night. That's how great the feeling of helping is.

Getting messages like this is just a bonus when you help people. Gratitude from other people makes you feel grateful that you have the capacity to actually help.

Now, Globe is giving everyone another chance to help with #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014. For this project, I would love to give the gift of positive thinking to the Filipino people. It seriously changed my life and I would love for people to get the chance to change theirs, too. Now, I know what the question's gonna be: How can I give that as an actual gift?

Well, I've been talking about the PSI here and how joining that 4-day seminar changed my life and the way I look at things. That's how I'm going to give the gift of positive thinking to my fellowmen. Like I said back in 2010: If I won a hundred million pesos from the Lotto draws, I will most definitely enroll everyone I know to that seminar.

Now, if Globe would grant that wish for me, I'd love for the most important figures in the government and in the entertainment industry to undergo the seminar so they'll know how to use their power to the advantage of the Filipino people. A lot of the very influential people in these fields don't know that a single victim story can change the whole mindset of a person. This seminar will also help them take responsibility of their decisions, which is very much important in the position they are holding in the society.

I swear by the power of positive thinking and I hope that everyone else in this country uses this to their advantage. There are a lot of cynics but I just dare them to try it, no questions asked... I am going off topic. That's how passionate I am about this positive thinking thing.

Anyway, share what gift you'd want to give to the Filipino people if you were given the chance in the comments section, too, for a chance to win amazing products such as the iPad 2, Globe Tattoo Broadband sticks and prepaid cards! This reminds me of how the Christmas season never ends in the Philippines. It's always the season of giving this side of the world. So take this opportunity to think of ways that you can help. What you give out to the universe, comes back to you tenfold.

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