Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 59. #100HappyDays

So I saw this new product from Pancake House and immediately wanted to try it. I first saw the Nutella-banana-bacon-toast dish in this specific spot, too, and wanted to try it right away so when I saw this, I wanted to try it, too.

A lot of good great things happened today like:
  1. Getting hired for a job I never thought I would do but might be my calling.
  2. The news regarding Brianna that went along with it.
  3. Tita Susan's adobo and fried tinapa wraps, which I totally missed.
  4. Tatay's e-mail.
  5. Talking with Ate.
  6. The Declaros' spicy ginataang sigarilyas.
  7. Brianna, watching Frozen with the Declaro kids.
  8. J&J freebies c/o Angel.
  9. Spending the entire day with my loves.

So thankful for all the blessings I've received!

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